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Sveta mast - Svetislav Basara - (Holy Oils)


The fascination with the worthless promises creates a loss of collective identity.

The whole thing takes on grotesque proportions. Instead of looking for immortality in their own soul, where God is hidden, nationalistic gentlemen - critical raelists, see it in history, and thus strive to ensure eternal life by constantly causing wars in order to become historical figures and furthermore examples for future generations in history textbooks.

The second volume of manic-paranoid history of Serbian literature portrays new adventures of writers-literary characters, between fact and fiction, new moments and ridiculous situations of a rich literary and political-ideological society. The novel portrays many bohemians at the end of the twentieth century in the now legendary Belgrade cafes and restaurants. With talent and contempt towards mediocrity, like Svetislav Basara himself, the characters are always ready to mock others, especially the authorities, whilst at the same time predicting evil.

Writing about the Russian emigration, Mereskovski was not talking about the persecution of the subjects of the Russian empire, but about how they were sent from Russia to Europe "to let others know what is going on in Russia". Svetislav Basara reached for an unusual literary genre and perspective to give a better, more plastic, ironic and comprehensive explanation of what was happening and what is going on in Serbia. He has captured the image perfectly!

Dimensions: 13 x 20 cm (soft cover), 204 pages, Latin script.

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