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Kelile i Demne - Kader Abdolah (Kelile and Demne)


Stories have always existed and in every culture. Sometimes stories are so beautiful that they are accepted in other cultures. This is the case with Kelile and Demne.

About three thousand years ago, an Indian ruler demanded that it should be written in a book. The Persians made a version of their own. A few centuries later that book was introduced to the Arabic world and became a part of the Arabic heritage. And a few centuries after that, the book was returned to Persia and new stories were added. Today, fifteen centuries later, Kader Abdolah made his own version of the book.

The stories from Kelile and Demne tell us about the Indian court, where beautiful stories are retold to the Indian ruler. Every story leads to another one, and all the characters tell us about friendship, hatred, love and betrayal.

Dimensions: 16 cm, hard cover, 234 pages, Latin script.

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